Stop depriving yourself


Stop depriving yourself of what feels comfortable, right, and good to you.

Some of us grew up in environments that were emotionally deprived.

Being happy and enjoying life wasn’t allowed.

Emotional deprivation was the theme.



Practice diplomacy


Taking care of ourselves doesn’t give us the right to be mean.

Just because we’re telling the truth, we don’t need to tear people apart.

Sometimes when we start to own our power after years-maybe a lifetime of being timid and weak, we become overly aggressive trying to get our point across.

We can be honest with other people without being mean.



Put your intentions out there



Be clear on what you want.

If you’re starting a business, taking a new job, learning a new skill, or beginning a relationship, state clearly to yourself what you’re looking for.

What level of performance are you hoping to reach? Stay realistic, but not pessimistic.

What do you want?



Let yourself change and grow


There are lots of hermit crabs in the tide pools near my summer house.

They’re interesting little creatures.

A hermit crab will find a shell that fits him, put it on, and live in it.

After a while, he grows and the shell no longer fits, so the crab scurries along the sea floor and finds another shell to live in.

He crawls out of his first shell and into the shell that fits his new needs.

This scene repeats itself again and again throughout his life.

Learn a lesson from the hermit crabs.



Stop trapping yourself

Alan Wake - The Signal Episode 2: Stop Trapping Yourself!


It’s easy to paint ourselves into a corner with what we’ve grown accustomed to expecting from ourselves.

Sometimes we can work so hard to build that career, get that relationship, or become a certain way that we start living up to an image of ourselves that has become outdated.

Stop trapping yourself.

Those goals might have been what we wanted then, but they don’t work anymore. And just because we achieved them doesn’t mean we can’t go on and do something else.

What do you expect from yourself?



Examine what others expect

A Day in New York - Adam Gyorgy


There’s a difference between saying we’re not going to live up to other people’s expectations and actually not living up to them.

Other people’s expectations, or even what we imagine others expect from us, can be a powerful and motivating force.

We can feel antsy, uncomfortable, wrong, and off-center when we step out of our place.

These feelings can occur when we’re not living up to what other people expect from us-even, and sometimes especially, if these expectations aren’t vocalized.

Expectations are silent demands.



Coup in Turkey


  Coup in Turkey

 Jorge Rodrigues Simao

 Discussion Paper No. 5344


European Law Professor;

Doctor in European Constitutional Law;

Doctor in Economics & Monetary Policy;

@2016 Jorge Rodrigues Simao

Everybody knows her, but nonetheless, it’s embarrassing to meet her in the street. The truth is like the town whore. - Borchert

Our paper, it will particularly focus on the AKP government’s discourse on national consensus, and the restructuring of the military and the field of security. In order to examine this conflict within by examining both the domestic and international spheres, this paper will, firstly, briefly discuss civil-military relations in Turkey in accordance with its theoretical framework drawn from Marxism. Secondly, it will briefly discuss the relationship between the AKP (Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi – Justice and Development Party) government and the Gulen movement since the coup plotters were allegedly disciples and allies of the Gulen movement (Gulenists) according to their own confessions. Thirdly, it will discuss the aftermath of the failed coup attempt in relation to the hegemonic project of neoliberal-Islamism. Finally, it will conclude that the secular and democratic Republican regime with the rule of law should be defended, and that the class antagonisms and ill-doings of capitalism should be collectively voiced. However, the failed coup revealed the fierce and prolonged conflict within the state apparatus which can be dated back to the Ergenekon (named after a Turkish saga of re-birth) and Balyoz (Sledgehammer) trials. On 15 July 2016, Turkey saw a failed coup attempt, which was undertaken by certain factions of the military, and which saw more than three-hundred killed, more than a thousand wounded, and thousands detained.



Just do what you can


Dear God,

I am doing the best that I can. - Children’s Letters to God

Sometimes all we can do is all we can do.

“Maybe my talent is being a good listener,” said John. “Maybe I’m not supposed to be rich and famous. I’m supposed to be the person who just sits and listens.”

The world needs listeners, too.





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